Saturday, 5 November 2011

Entrapped by Sneha Kedar by Sneha Kedar

From Goodreads : What would you do when you start hearing mysterious voices in your dreams saying “We are trapped… free us?"
What if these voices keep coming back to haunt you?

There is something unusual about the seventeen-year-old Myra Bose. Born to human parents, she is a fairy, who soon starts her new journey at Fae High – a high school for faes and fairies all over the world. This strange new life was not enough to add to Myra’s troubles, she also starts getting strange dreams with mysterious voices, which she is unable to comprehend. They keep her entrapped perpetually.

The recurring dreams will unfold many dark secrets. Myra has lots of things to handle – her attention seeking first love Ryan Swift, her trustworthy new friends and the never-ending haunting dreams. Will her life get any better at Fae High? Will Myra ever find out the voices behind the dreams? When her love, Ryan demands her attention, what would be her first priority?

My rating : 2 of 5 stars

My Thoughts : First of all i'm a fantasy and fairy lover, but this book is childish, for the middle grades, not YAs. While reading this i was feeling i'm watching a Barbie in a fairy tell movie. I enjoyed this book but it's not a book you can read twice.

What i like about this book is the idea of fae school and the four elements which influences fairies to get their power and bond of friendship.

The main draw backs are lack of suspense and romance both. The author should have created more exciting environment when she revealed Myra is a fairy.Ugh, the chemistry between Ryan and Myra is nothing like i expected (again their romance was like Barbie and ken). I expected Ryan to be more heroic but he's not, and his character was too short. There should be mystery about those traps or describe more about the forest, the mysterious creatures living forest, the environment and history of the fae school and dark magics. The fight sequence in the end was very short, i was surprised how could those students defeated dark witches so easily(BANG another drawback). It's would be embarrassing if i compare this book with Iron fey or Wicked lovely. But i must say the language is easy and fun. Best of luck for the author for her next book.

P.S. i like the cover, but never judge a book by it's cover

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