Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Exclusive Interview with Brodi Ashton, Author of Everneath

Me : What was your inspiration of writing Everneath? would you like to share?

Brodi : I would love to share, but it's difficult because the inspiration came from so many places over so many years! But it started with a scene, of a girl returning to her high school after a long mysterious absence that changed her forever.

Me : What is your favorite Greek Mythology?

Brodi : Orpheus and Eurydice. Hands down!

Me : What is an Everneath? Would you like enlighten the readers about the world of Everneath?

Brodi : It's like the Underworld, only it's not for the dead. I'll share the explanation from the beginning of the book:
History books call it the Underworld. Or even hell. But I know it's neither. it is really called the Everneath, and it's not a place for the dead. it's a place for the Everliving - beings who have discovered the secret to eternal life. It's a place for their Forfeits - the humans who give up everything to nourish the Everliving. It's the world caught between this one and the next, a layer between Earth and Hell. I know because I was a Forfeit. I would give anything to change this.

Me : There are two interesting boys in the story, Jack and Cole, How do you like to describe their characters and personalities?

Brodi : Jack: Patient, charismatic, strong
Cole: Persistent, stubborn, enigmatic

Me : If you were Nikki, what would you do on the six months on surface before going back to Everneath?

Brodi : I would be with my family. And I would eat anything I wanted. :)

Me : As you have mentioned "Redemption" in the book, what is your view about Redemption? Do you believe in Redemption?

Brodi : I absolutely believe in redemption! We all need a little rescuing from time to time, and we all need grace from our mistakes from time to time too. We're human.

Me : Currently You are working on the next Installment, when is this coming out? would you like to share few words about this book?

Brodi : The sequel to EVERNEATH will come out January 2013, which seems like forever away! All I can say about the sequel is that if you've read the first one, you'll have an idea of where the second one will take us. It is a journey.

Me : You book has received huge response from the readers, How are you feeling about it?

Brodi : I'm feeling great today! I am overwhelmed with the response from readers, and humbled that readers are connecting with the book.

I would like to thank Brodi Ashton, Author of Everneath for giving me such an amazing interview and I would like to wish her best of luck for her book Everneath.
This interview was taken by Soumi@Pages From My Thoughts.