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Chosen Ones by Tiffany Truitt

From Goodreads : What if you were mankind’s last chance at survival?
Sixteen-year-old Tess lives in a compound in what was once the Western United States, now decimated after a devastating fourth World War. But long before that, life as we knew it had been irrevocably changed, as women mysteriously lost the ability to bring forth life. Faced with the extinction of the human race, the government began the Council of Creators, meant to search out alternative methods of creating life. The resulting artificial human beings, or Chosen Ones, were extraordinarily beautiful, unbelievably strong, and unabashedly deadly.

Life is bleak, but uncomplicated for Tess as she follows the rigid rules of her dystopian society, until the day she begins work at Templeton, the training facility for newly created Chosen Ones. There, she meets James, a Chosen One whose odd love of music and reading rivals only her own. The attraction between the two is immediate in its intensity—and overwhelming in its danger.

But there is more to the goings-on at Templeton than Tess ever knew, and as the veil is lifted from her eyes, she uncovers a dark underground movement bent not on taking down the Chosen Ones, but the Council itself. Will Tess be able to stand up to those who would oppress her, even if it means giving up the only happiness in her life?

My rating : 4 of 5 stars

My Thoughts : Sixteen years old Tess lives in a compound called Templeton what was once Western United States of America that had been wiped out after fourth world war. Women had mysteriously lost their ability to bring forth life, being pregnant is exactly like death sentence to them. Facing extinction of human race, government and scientist decided to create artificial lives with all beauty and strength as well as deadly, they will protect the naturals from war and enemy, and they are the chosen ones.

After death of her elder sister during child birth, Tess had to take responsibility of her younger sister and work for Templon like a slave. There she met a chosen one named James, their love for music and reading brings them together. But there is something going on in Templon, more than she has ever imagined; an underground movement to take down not only the chosen ones but the council itself. Will Tess be ever being able to stand up against injustice and fight for those she loves?

A Subtle Hint of Future

An absolute suspenseful and intoxicating plot that will keep you on the edges of your seat.
The story gave us a glimpse of an alternative dystopian future world what I would never imagine to live. A life full of brutal disciplines and rules, where you make one mistake and you receive a burning slash mark. The bias between naturals and chosen ones was very clear, the naturals are supposed to respect their protectors when the chosen ones considered naturals as very lower class and the natural girls as subject of their desire. The final build up was explosive and some shocking undiscovered truths kept coming out from letters what Tess’s father left for her.

Tess and James

Tess is one of the strong female leads which are really rare to see in YA literature. She was a little impulsive I guess and stood up against extreme cruelty of council that coasted her two slash marks. I was feeling goose bumps on those moments of violence and her every action made me more worried but along with that I also clapped for her bravery.

James is a Chosen One with passion for music and reading unlike any other chosen ones. Initially I thought James was another creation of Templon made only to carry their duty, but he was different, something greater. He had compassionate and emotional heart which is very unusual for a chosen one. His affection, love and protectiveness for Tess kept me warm and relived.

When his lips pressed against mine, it was so light I wondered how a kiss could ever be considered a sin. When his hand moved through my hair, I pressed against him harder. My heart sped up. This was the line it was so dangerous to cross.
This was the line I wanted to cross and never return from.

A futuristic world where romance was forbidden and any kind of sexual activity of conceiving, thus bear offspring leads a woman to death. In such circumstances Tess met James in a piano room and both was fiercely drawn to each other, their instant attraction and blossoming romance made the book electrically charged and unputdownable.

Full of suspense, danger, drama, and even forbidden love thrown in, Chosen Ones was everything I had expected from the book blurb.
Chosen Ones is deliciously tormenting that will make you feel hopeful and heartbroken at same time. The book ended with a mild cliffhanger which will leave you begging for the sequel.

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  1. Great review!!! I've been dying to get my hands on this one but living in Switzerland is actually really hard to get an ARC :/ but your review makes this book sounds really good and I think I'm not wrong to be excited for this one :)
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    Rachel @ Books to Consider

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. Following you back. I can understand that getting ARC are damn hard for those who lives outside US. Trust me, it's really hard,I know. :(