Friday, 23 March 2012

Exclusive Interview with J.A. Redmerski, Author of The Mayfair Moon

Me : What was your idea behind writing a werewolf novel?

Jessica : I've always been a huge fan of werewolves, particularly the more traditional 'monstrous' kind like those in films such as Underworld, Ginger Snaps and Dog Soldiers. I love reading YA books and when I couldn't find any YA novels out there with werewolves like this, I decided the only thing to do was to write my own.

Me : You have researched many things on werewolves, would you like to share your view of werewolves?

Jessica : I have absolutely nothing against the shape-shifter kind of werewolves that simply turn into canines (as depicted in the majority of YA 'werewolf' novels), but traditional werewolves, to me, are much more complex both in human and werewolf form. I've always had a hard time being afraid, or feeling like any real danger is imminent with the canine shape-shifter kind. Once they shift into canines, that intense feeling of struggle and survival disappears for me. Personally, I love the sense of constant danger, that feeling of "What if he loses control?" and I think it makes for a more interesting story.

Me : Other than Issac and Adria, the protagonists, who is your most favorite character and why?

Jessica : Like many who have read THE MAYFAIR MOON, I like Adria's best friend, Harry a lot. But I think on a personal level, if I could choose which I'd rather be, it would have to be Daisy Mayfair. She's already fully able to control her werewolf side, she's very powerful, but one would never really think of her as intimidating judging by her human personality. She's extremely disciplined, so much so that she can allow others (Rachel, for instance) to treat her badly, but when it really comes down to it, Daisy is the last one any of them want to mess with.

Me : As The Mayfair Moon is first novel in the trilogy, would you like to share some words about the sequel?

Jessica : Book Two of the Darkwoods Trilogy titled KINDRED is currently in the works. Some have said that THE MAYFAIR MOON is a 'dark' story itself, but as the relationship between Adria and Isaac deepens, their story will grow even darker before things are said and done. With KINDRED, the love between Isaac and Adria will be severely questioned and they might not make it....

Me : Is there any other project you are working on? What will be it about?

Jessica : I recently published my not-so-YA-novel titled DIRTY EDEN, but the only project I'm actually working on right now is KINDRED.

Me : What are your favorite werewolf novels?

Jessica : Honestly, I don't have one, because as I mentioned, I couldn't find any YA-related that fit my needs. I've plenty of favorite werewolf films though, those I mentioned previously in addition to The Howling, The Howling: Reborn and An American Werewolf in London/Paris.

Me : What are the other things you like to do when you are not writing novel?

Jessica : Reading would be the obvious answer, and I admit, it's first on my list of things I love to do. But I love being outdoors. I love nature. So, I tend to do as much hiking, camping, biking and other stuff like that, as I can.

I would like to thank J.A. Redmerski, Author of The Mayfair Moon for giving me such an amazing interview and I would like to wish her best of luck for his upcoming book The Mayfair Moon.
This interview was taken by Soumi@Pages From My Thoughts.

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