Monday, 23 April 2012

Poison by Dejana Vuletić

From Goodreads : Dessa Madelyn Ambrose is just a normal teenager entering her senior year of high school when the arrival of the mysterious Christopher Darius Calder turns her existence upside-down. Within just days of Chris’ arrival in the small, secluded town of Hopewell, Pennsylvania, Dessa begins to realize that her role on Earth is way more complicated than she could have ever imagined. She's what people call a Keeper. A god in human form with the ability to control one of the six elements at will, and she's not alone. Five other people are Keepers just like her, and when Dessa realizes just how dangerous being a Keeper can be, she constantly fights the urge to run. As she uncovers secrets that have been kept from civilization’s ears for over five millennia, Dessa learns that she can trust no one but herself, and even that doesn't guarantee anything. With her brother and best friend by her side, Dessa decides to live up to the life expected of her, regardless of the things she might lose in the process. When an unknown evil arises after 5,000 years of being put to rest and threatens the lives of thousands, Dessa has to make a choice. Who should she save? Herself? Or everyone else? My Rating : 3 of 5 stars

My Thoughts : High school drum major Dessa would have been normal girl with dreams of her own if she had not met Chris. Chris has some ancient secrets to keep and convince Dessa that she is keeper of light who has the power to bend and manipulate it. But she isn’t the only one. There are others like Dessa who can control elements of nature like earth, fire, water and air. But where there is light, there is darkness too. Now with help from others Dessa must fight the darkness before it took them over.

This novel was surprisingly good debut from a teen author and I must applaud for her brilliant attempt. The imagination was very creative and characterization was good too. The story moves around five characters coming to their newly discovered powers as keepers of five elements but also goes along with being teenagers. Lead heroine Dessa was girl next door type whom you can easily be attached with. She definitely cares for others and can go far to save those she loves.
I like Chris, the love interest who actually hold keys to their past. He is such a sweet heart and compassionate. It was fabulous getting to know better as the story progress. One character I really didn’t like was Pa, she was so irritating and confused about her own relationship with Dessa’s brother Ricky and her fiancé Skylar.
This book contains some original and great theory about reincarnation. Each of the characters has some dark past in their previous lives and their reincarnated past selves are now free from curse and wanted to put an end to keepers
The book was told from Dessa’s point of view so many things remain unclear meant to be found out in next installment. Poison was broken into several glimpses of their past lives that revealed slowly during as the story progressed and in a good way only the first climax came too soon where I personally wanted the suspense to last a little long.
Going through all the dramas and suspense, I was hooked into pages. As first installment of Keepers of Light series, it was a great start to keep you interested. i'm really confused in 3 to 4 stars so I will give it a 3.5

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