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The Syndicate by Shelena Shorts

Goodreads Summery : For centuries, the Petrescu family has been protecting society from a danger that moves among the population undetected. Eighteen-year-old Vasi Petrescu has never had a problem carrying out his duty, but, when ordered to eliminate an eighteen-year-old girl, he is immediately taken out of his comfort zone.

The Syndicate has never targeted a female before, yet somehow this one has ended up on more than one hit list. Vasi would like to find out why, but there may not be time.

Now, he'll have to decide whether or not to keep her alive even if it means going against his own family.

The action, mystery, and conspiracy in The Syndicate will take readers on an immersing journey in which decisions are not only life changing, but irreversible.

My Rating : 4 of 5 stars

My Thoughts : My first book of Shelena Shorts and I was like OMFG. When I first received the book I cannot help myself from gawking at the cover with a hawk eye like waiting for moment when Vasi will come out of the cover and I will throw myself in his arm. Sound romantic, yes! trust me you may feel the same and you feeling may enhance once you read the book.

The Syndicate is not you so called paranormal romance. Of course romance is the main ingredient but there is suspense and action too. Love, betrayal, treachery and conspiracy, The Syndicate is has all in equal measure.
Syndicate is a secret organization that hunts down monsters like hybrids that nearly resembles to werewolves and saves mankind. Vasi has inherited his family job and tradition of serving the syndicate and he is extremely loyal to his duty, until Syndicate targeted a girl. A girl can never be a hybrid and Syndicate has never targeted a girl before, there must have been some mistake and Vasi intends to find what’s wrong. In process the more he gets to know Riley, the girl he has been assigned to kill, the more he falls for her. Digging into secrets of Syndicates true motivation, he finds out some shocking truth that can destroy him.

As for the characters, Vasi is incredible hero with strong personality. As the book progressed, we see a really mature Vasi, brave both physically and mentally. Being center of the novel he overshadowed others, but end of the day he is 17 years old boy flooded with emotion and love. Also he has a great presence of mind, knows how to handle situation and take down dozen of hybrids.
On the other hand Riley is really weak and adhesive, clinging onto Vasi like a scared little girl. Fragile and unpredictable, what I feels that she is not a perfect companion comparing Vasi.
Another person I can’t help but mentioning is Rosie, Vasi’s little sister and his scout, the one assists him to find out the hybrids and kill them. Jolly and full of life, I immediately liked her.

The Syndicate was a enjoying and quick read for me, and by the end I left with wanting more of the story. I liked how author gathered the whole story into a satisfying ending. The Syndicate is a stand alone, as it seems to me but secretly I’m praying this book to be a series, please.

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  1. I will always go for the greater good and go after The Call of duty; never to be selfish toward the innocent even if it was above love. May be the love is my way to doom.