Saturday, 1 September 2012

Exclusive Interview with Author Lauren Oliver

Me : Tell us something about you that you have not told anyone before.

Lauren : No way! There's a reason I don't tell people. :)

Me : Delirium is a dystopian novel series. What was your idea behind writing a series on dystopia?

Lauren : I didn't know that dystopia was a genre when I started writing delirium. I don't really think of stories in terms of genre. It was just a story I wanted to write.

Me : Tell us three things about Alex and Julian does not have in common.

Lauren : Julian is sheltered, Alex was born free.
Julian is gentle, Alex is passionate
Julian is rescued, Alex is rescuer.

Me : If you have to choose between Alex and Julian, whom would you choose and why?

Lauren : For me in real life? Probably Julian.

Me : After Pandemonium, the mind blowing sequel to Delirium, what we are going to see in Requiem, would you like share few words about it?

Lauren : It's told from two different points of view. Lena, and Hana!

Me : Would you like to share your memories about the first draft of Delirium?

Lauren : I always hate my first drafts! I need to get some distance before I can start to like them again.

Me : What was your first ever piece of writing? Please tell us about it.

Lauren : I don't really remember, because I've been writing ever since I physically could! The first things I wrote were a kind of fanfiction, continuations of stories that I loved.

Me : Two perfect songs for Alex and Lena And Julian and Lena.

Lauren : Hmmm, I don't know! What do you guys think?

Me : Thank you for your time Lauren. Please leave a message for your fan who are dying to read Requiem.

Lauren : Just a huge thank you!!!

A huge thanks to my most favorite author Lauren Oliver for stopping by my blog and for such wonderful interview.

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