Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Interview With Anna, from Anna Dressed In Blood

Me : Welcome Anna to my blog (hope you won't kill me)

Anna : Thank you for having me. I probably won’t kill you. You’re not actually in my house.

Me : So, Anna! Would you like to tell us about death? How does it feel?

Anna : It feels like a shrug feels. Most of the time. It’s not so bad, when you don’t think about things.

Me : What was your impression of Cas, when you first saw him?

Anna : I thought he looked different. Like an idiot. Wide-eyed and bleeding on my floor. But he had that knife. A link to the dead I’d never known existed.

Me : Tell us something about your life when you were alive?

Anna : There isn’t much to tell. It was short. But I do remember, baking pies with my mother when I was younger. Isn’t that strange? She wasn’t always awful. She wasn’t, until I got older. Until my father died.

Me : Okey, this will be a little personal question. Is Cas is the first
boy you have ever kissed?

Anna : No. But my first kiss doesn’t count. I was only eight. It was just for play, with a neighbor’s son named Paulo. We saw his parents do it and wanted to try.

Me : If you get a second chance to live your life again, what are those
things you would like to do? Is there any wish list?

Anna : I would like to do everything. Sometimes, I think so. But if I had another life, it might be nice for it to be soft, and quiet. With a boy, and a knife. I suppose he’d have to get rid of the knife.

Me : Well, Anna, thank you for your time and many thank for not killing me.

Anna : Thank you for not being killable. I don’t like doing it


  1. Great post! I love how frank and honest Anna is. I'm so glad she didn't kill you! Haha :)

    - Ellie @ The Selkie Reads Stories

  2. I just read both of these books in the last two weeks, and I loved them. It's cool to see a little more about Anna here!

    My review of Anna posted on my blog this week. I'd love for you to check it out! Anna Dressed in Blood

  3. Thanks Ladies, I loved interviewing Anna, and I think she didn't deserve to toss in hell :(

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