Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Interview With Author Kendare Blake

Me : What is the hardest thing about creating a character?

Kendare : Sometimes it’s just waiting to write them. When Anna told me her name, I wanted to write about her very badly. But it was several weeks before she told me anything else about herself. And I hate to start writing a character before I know them. It only results in writing them over. And over. And maybe over.

Me : What was the most difficult challenge you have faced in writing Anna series?

Kendare : I don’t remember. See, in hindsight it always seems like it came together pretty easily. But I know good and well there were nights when I wanted to bang my face into my keyboard. I just don’t remember the specifics of why.

Me :When you were writing Anna Dressed in Blood, did you have any
nightmare? What was it?

Kendare : I never had nightmares about Anna. I have nightmares about everything else. My nightmares run on a fairly consistent cycle. If I have a nightmare, I’m guaranteed to have them for at least another three nights. Anna has been in my husband’s, my agent’s, and my editor’s nightmares. But never mine. She knows better.

Me :If you had chance to change something in Anna series, what would it be?

Kendare : I’d rewrite the whole thing! No, not really. I don’t think I would change anything. It is what it is. I shouldn't fool with it anymore.

Me :You are currently writing Antigoddess, based on Greek mythology set
in modern day-what inspired this series?

Kendare : I was reading a lot of Angela Carter, maybe five years ago. And I started writing these vignettes, off of the imagery it sparked. Some of the images were of dying gods. Horrible, disgusting, tragically torn apart behemoths, and Athena was my narrator. A few years later, I tried to write a novel about Cassandra of Troy, and her love story with Apollo. It didn’t work until I went back to those dying gods and put it all together.

Me : Would you like to share few words about Antigoddess?

Kendare : Sure. It’s sort of a hero’s journey, rife with doomed and forbidden love, and the requisite blood and guts. There’s a lot of rage in it. The quiet smoldering kind, and the tear it up and nuke it kind. I love my leading ladies, both strong and vulnerable in different ways: Cassandra, such a tragic figure,and Athena, so single-minded that she comes off cold. And I love my leading men too: Hermes, playboy goofball for the ages, and Apollo, forever the hero. And of course, Odysseus: wily and rakish, and so not intimidated by Athena.

Me : Any suggestion for the aspiring authors?

Kendare : Read! A lot. And Write! A lot. Find your own rhythm, and do what’s right for you. Always be open to suggestions and advice, but don’t feel obligated to take it. Everybody’s journey is their own. But you can’t even get on board without writing, and reading so..read. A lot. And write. A lot.

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  1. fab interview! am looking forward to Antigodess