Monday, 3 December 2012

Echo by Alyson Noel

Goodreads Summary : She inherited a magical destiny—and a mission to stop a powerful family of dark sorcerers. She never expected to fall in love with one of them.

There’s still so much Daire Santos has to learn about being the last Soul Seeker….and about herself. As her magical training becomes more intense, so does her relationship with Dace. But when she learns that his connection to the evil Richter family goes far deeper than she ever imagined, she begins to question if love really can conquer all.

Dace is painfully aware that he wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the Richters’ dark magic—and now his brother Cade is determined to use his love for Daire against him. Dace is willing to sacrifice anything to protect the girl he loves —including his own life. But will Daire allow it? And what if defeating Cade costs not only his life, but his soul too?

My Rating : 4 of 5 stars

My Thoughts : One line, seven words, twenty seven letters…….
What the hell happened in the end? I mean seriously. I gave Echo just for the mind blowing end and that killing cliffhanger.

I haven’t read Alyson Noel’s Immortal series or other contemporary romance but I can say that she knows how to tell a story with descriptive detailing. Fated had intriguing premises but when somewhere I felt it was dragged up. However in case of Echo, I didn't feel that way, rather I enjoyed the story more than Fated.

In fated Daire learned to be a soul seeker and fought beside her boyfriend Dace against his evil twin Cade, but she has much more to learn and a long way to cross. In Echo, Richters again have caused mayhem in the Lowerworld . Now the Daire must restore the balance of souls and choose between the prophecy at cost of her soul and life, or let Cade march on a destructive way to bring the world down.

Echo is gripping and exciting enough to keep me on my toes with legends, myths and sexy romance. The plot was engaging and the writing again delivers Noel’s gorgeous voice of story weaving. Each of the characters developed more in Echo. Daire became more responsible, courageous and determine, Dace as usual romantic and caring but in many point his emotion weakened him, Cade has grown stronger into evil beyond imagination. We were also introduced to a new character Phyre, who played an important part in this book and I’m expecting to see her in the third installment as well.

I ended up loving Echo more than I thought I would and looking forward to continue with the series with more actions, magic and romance.

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  1. YAY, so glad to hear your review! Its on my pile TBR this week!

  2. Thanks for the good review! Another Alyson Noel! Awesome!

  3. Thanks for the great review. I love Alyson Noel, but haven't read this yet.