Monday, 10 December 2012

What's Left of Me by Kat Zhang

Goodreads Summary :How I Live Now meets His Dark Materials in this stunningly written and intensely moving debut.

Imagine that you have two minds, sharing one body. You and your other self are closer than twins, better than friends. You have known each other forever.

Then imagine that people like you are hated and feared. That the government want to hunt you down and tear out your second soul, separating you from the person you love most in the world.

Now meet Eva and Addie.

They don’t have to imagine

My Rating : 4 of 5 stars

My Thoughts : “Addie was warm and radiant next to me, making up half of us. But I - I was Eva, Eva, Eva, all the way through.”

Eva and Addie, twin souls born in a same body, but with time the weakest soul should have faded away. Eva should have faded away but she remains present. Only Addie knows her existence, whispering in her head. Soon, existence of twin souls, known as the hybrids threatens the country and they were send to an institution, they found other like them, unsettled twin souls.

I was attracted to the exciting premise of the novel that awed me. However initially I had feeling that the book is somehow has same theme as The Host, about two souls living in same body but What’s Left of me proved to a rather original story.

The author beautifully crafted two souls inside one body, how they are affected by each other’s thought, love and anger, disappointment and happiness. Their heart-warming sisterly bond left me speechless.

For long, as the dominant soul, Addie has protected Eva, from being noticed, kept her safe and secret inside Addie’s head. The book was told from Eva’s perspective and her nearly fading life. On one side I felt sorry for her, that she was unable to control her own body. On the other side she was strong, even after she was blamed by Addie for the discovery for their truth; Eva remained calm enough to handle situation. Almost through all her life, Eva spent being unnoticed by her own family who cared for her once and now simply assumed her gone but Eva never gave up. She remained hanging there, inside Addie’s head hoping to live the life again.

“I was caged in our body and caged in his arms and, somehow, the former was the real prison.”

The romance didn't play a major part in this book. It was bit slow at the starting and rushed near the end. Eva’s love interest Ryan was cute though and much more understanding than his dominant soul Devon. They often switched their souls to take control of the body and they triggered the same in Addie and Eva, giving Eva ability to take control.

What’s left of Me is a very creative work of author Kat Zhang. It was kind of a book I haven’t read before and I’m glad now I did. It was well written and thought provoking. I was completely engaged and immerse into the story, like breathing underwater, this book was a whole new experience for me.

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