Saturday, 26 January 2013

Blog Tour + Giveaway : The Peculiar by Stefan Bachmann

Goodreads Summary : Don't get yourself noticed and you won't get yourself hanged.

In the faery slums of Bath, Bartholomew Kettle and his sister Hettie live by these words. Bartholomew and Hettie are changelings--Peculiars--and neither faeries nor humans want anything to do with them.

One day a mysterious lady in a plum-colored dress comes gliding down Old Crow Alley. Bartholomew watches her through his window. Who is she? What does she want? And when Bartholomew witnesses the lady whisking away, in a whirling ring of feathers, the boy who lives across the alley--Bartholomew forgets the rules and gets himself noticed.

First he's noticed by the lady in plum herself, then by something darkly magical and mysterious, by Jack Box and the Raggedy Man, by the powerful Mr. Lickerish . . . and by Arthur Jelliby, a young man trying to slip through the world unnoticed, too, and who, against all odds, offers Bartholomew friendship and a way to belong.

Part murder mystery, part gothic fantasy, part steampunk adventure, The Peculiar is Stefan Bachmann's riveting, inventive, and unforgettable debut novel

My Rating : 4 of 5 stars

My Thoughts : Bachmann, you rock dude.

My love and fondness for middle grade novel brought my interest in The Peculiar, and truth to be spoken; I was left absolutely and utterly mesmerized by this gripping and enchanting gothic mystery.
If you have very sweet idea of faery folks being beautiful and charming, then let me warn you, they are charming indeed but a very haunting way.

Bartholomew Kettle and his sister Hettie are changelings, known as Peculiars and hated by both humans and Faes. When a mysterious lady whisked away a boy, Bartholomew broke the rule, he got noticed by the dangerous lady in plum coloured dress and by many that included risking his life. In this turmoil, Bartholomew made an unlikely alley, young Arthur Jelliby.

Part steampunk, part gothic, part feary magic and part mystery, the peculiar is one of best, actually in my opinion it’s the best MG book of 2012, I have come across. The writing was magnificent and classic, very simple yet so unlikely. The novel itself unfolds the dark monstrous secret that lies beneath, mysteries tangled in magic and murder.

In this alternative Great Britain, each of the characters of The Peculiar was chosen and crafted very carefully and skilfully, especially Bartholomew who was very wise and courageous, unlike the other boys at his age. I’m also very much influenced by Jelliby and Hattie. I would like to see more of little Hattie in next installment.

At this very young age, author Stefan Bachmann has wrote something that is beyond brilliancy and his creativity is truly remarkable. In this dark and ethereal world Bachmann introduced, I was immersed into this stupendously magnificent book, and caught between the conflicts between of humans and fae alike. Sometime I felt chills in my blood as the book became more gruesomely murderous, and I finished it fast only to solve the puzzle. However by the end I found myself desperate for the next book, The Whatnot.

So dear Mr. Bachmann, would you please hurry and satisfy our thrust for the sequel?


  1. It's very interesting.Of course it has.

  2. Yes.
    I read about this book before and now I'm really curious.

  3. I've been hearing good things about this book! I hope I get to read it someday(:

  4. Your review definitely peaked my interest. The cover is fascinating also. This looks and sounds like a fun book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. The idea of young children making sure they are not noticed, and part of a Steampunk culture is extremely enticing to me. I'd love to win the Hard Cover copy of the book.

  6. This book sparked my interest when I saw the cover a few months ago, the review just makes me want to read it even more!

  7. Yup.. it's very interesting..:D

  8. The review definitely makes me want to read the book more than I already did. I love reading reviews because they give me a much better feel for a book than just reading the description does.