Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Impostor by Jill Hathaway

Goodreads Summary : Be afraid of your shadow...Vee Bell has witnessed murder. She nearly died trying to track down the killer, all because of her secret condition. She'd tell her best friend Rollins but lately he seems more interested in his colleague Anna than her. Maybe she should confide in her long-lost aunt who's turned up out of the blue? All of a sudden life is happening in reverse: Vee is waking up in weird places not knowing what she's done. The only thing she's sure of is that someone is messing with her. And when a prank goes horribly wrong, this time the hands with blood on them might be hers.

My Rating : 3.5 of 5 stars

My Thoughts : Vee Bell possess a rare gift, or a curse, to slide into the mind of another person and experiencing life, through that person’s eyes, taking control of his or her action. After the horrifying incident of witnessing a murder though the victim’s eyes, Vee finally solved the mystery. But just as she thought her life was going back to normal, someone else started slid into her in occasions, and made her life more complicated.

Vee Bell was very likable character and she made a promising protagonist. She was analytic, the part I most liked about her. She was emotionally strong (well, some point I found it way too hard- core, a bit lack of feelings. Mind you, I ‘m into emotional things.) while dealing with Zane’s death and at one point she realized she had insta-love relation with him, and Rollins was the one who always stood by her. I liked how their best-friendship bloomed into love. It was believable and destined. Hey, I knew it would eventually happen, since the author subtly removed Zane out of the story. And Rollins, I love you man.

Last summer when I read Slide, I enjoyed it. The mystery was well written, blended with the story in layer by layer. However, for Imposter, I’m a bit confused. We were acquainted some new characters that had me confused. I pretty much suspected all of them as the villain. In Imposter, the suspense part was done well, but the big revelation was also unexpected but the reason didn’t justify the book blurb, where it is clearly stated “What if a killer took control of you?” I find it difficult to express my feelings. I liked almost everything about the story, yet somehow I’m not satisfied.

I didn't realize when I finished the book. Yes, it was that fast. I don’t know why I felt so, maybe because the plot was engaging or due to the wispy detailing. I must say the book was well written. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it, from beginning till the end.

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