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Untold (The Lynburn Legacy #2) by Sarah Rees Brennan

Goodreads Summary : Free from bonds, but not each other

It’s time to choose sides… On the surface, Sorry-in-the-Vale is a sleepy English town. But Kami Glass knows the truth. Sorry-in-the-Vale is full of magic. In the old days, the Lynburn family ruled with fear, terrifying the people into submission in order to kill for blood and power. Now the Lynburns are back, and Rob Lynburn is gathering sorcerers so that the town can return to the old ways.

But Rob and his followers aren’t the only sorcerers in town. A decision must be made: pay the blood sacrifice, or fight. For Kami, this means more than just choosing between good and evil. With her link to Jared Lynburn severed, she’s now free to love anyone she chooses. But who should that be?’

My Rating : 3.5 of 5 stars

My Thoughts : Untold, unfortunately, was a mediocre in comparison to its predecessor (which I gave 5 stars and listed as one of my favorites). After Sarah Rees Brennan tore my heart in the end of Unspoken, I expected the torture to continue, which, however, in this sequel turned into some emo-drama, failed to exceed my expectation.

Maybe, it was my fault, maybe I shouldn't have expected so much.

I wanted a tear-jacker sequel. I wanted something to rip my heart off and trampled it beneath the angst I wanted to feel in the same line with Kami and Jared.

The plot was simple, loosely bound and without much excitement. Without the mental connection between Kami and Jared, the originality had lost its charm. It wasn't as convoluted as Unspoken and kind of derailed from the track. I really don’t have much to say about it.

My likeness for Kami remained same. She is kind of heroine I've always adore—a complete deviation from the nitwits we are recently being presented with. She is witty, funny, and focused. Despite being an ordinary human, and without her dependency on Jared, she learned to fight back against Rob Lynburn and his band of magical peers. She was forced to face things alone, her family was verge of a huge breakdown, her best friends suddenly started avoiding each other and not to mention the awkwardness that followed between her and Jared and Ash after everything that happened in last book.

And same as Kami, my deep and irrecoverable love for Jared has not changed. He was the same tormented poor soul I met in Unspoken, and do believe when I say, I literally wanted to stroke his hair and pull him in my arms. He made my heart ache. Sigh.

Now I’m telling you why, despite my likeness for MCs, I was disappointed. I loved them both, but individually. Together, their chemistry didn't work out for me. There was so much miscommunication and misunderstanding that I wanted to pat my head against the wall. Both the character was filled with sentiment, and ego. Most of the time they turned away from each other, scared to face their true feelings. I kind of wanted to drag them and lock them in a room so they could sort out their problems.

I liked how the relationship evaluated and improved between Jared and Ash. Leaving behind all the inferiority complex, siblings rivalry and common feelings for Kami, the emerged as true brothers.
The secondary characters were well crafted as the MCs. They peeled off their shells and bloomed. Ash, whom I’m not sure is an MC or a SC, was great in the book. His feelings for Kami and guilt for what he did, or rather was forced to do, touched me. He was one character who bloomed exponentially throughout the story. And so did, Angie and Holly and Rusty. The escalating tension between Angie and Holly, Rusty’s humor, added interesting development to the story.

Even, I’m bit disappointed with Untold, I’ll still (even if the world ends) read the next installment.

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