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Perfect Ruin by Lauren DeStefano

Goodreads Summery : On the floating city of Internment, you can be anything you dream, unless you approach the edge. Morgan Stockhour knows getting too close can lead to madness, like her older brother Len, a Jumper. She takes solace in her best friend Pen, and in Basil, the boy she’s engaged to marry. When she investigates the first murder in a generation, she meets Judas. The suspect was betrothed to the victim, but Morgan believes he is innocent. Nothing can prepare Morgan for the secrets she will find – or whom she will lose.

My Rating : 4 of 5 stars

My Thoughts : Perfect Ruin is a book that has left me in ruins over the wait for the sequel. Beautifully written and well-crafted, Perfect Ruin is a delightful surprise. Many might be shocked to hear I've read the Chemical Garden Trilogy, which, after my sweet encounter with Perfect Ruin, I’m seriously considering to read soon.

“On Internment, you can be anything you dream--a novelist or a singer, a florist or a factory worker. You can spend entire afternoons watching clouds so close it's as though you're riding on them. Your life is yours to embrace or to squander. There's only one rule: You don't approach the edge. If you do, it's already over. My brother is proof of that. He has successfully quieted my delusions I held about seeing the ground for myself.”

In a floating city of Internment (which reminds me of floating island ‘Neo Verona’ in the animation series called ‘Romeo X Juliet’. Does it do the same to anybody?), you can be anything you dream, unless you approach the edge. Morgan, our protagonist, her entire life has been a happy fairy tale until a murder rocks the city. The suspect was betrothed to the victim, but Morgan believes he is innocent. And there begins her quest to pursue the murder in the darkness, until, on a fortunate eve, she happens to stumble upon him.

Morgan is naïve, innocent with crossing into the line of annoying, which leaves her room for growth. She is a dreamer, always wondering about the edge and fears one day her curiosity would drive mad enough she might end up like her brother, who lost his eyes after his daredevil attempt to jump from the edge. No offence to kick-ass heroines and some pseudo kick-ass heroines (whom I named Katniss Clones) I recently came across, Morgan is like a breath in the fresh air. I, sometimes, like my heroines plain and simple. She is a character I easily connected with.

As for the other characters, Basil is my favourite and so is Lex,, Morgan’s bother. You might find it ridiculous but Lex, had rather deep impact on me than Basil and both his condition and depression, yet indomitable mental strength, drove me feel immensely attracted towards him.

Basil is just a sweetheart. Like a dream. To make him mine, I can cross the stormy sea.

“Morgan.” He takes my hands. “Whatever you decide, I want you to know that I’ll stand behind it. I said I’d follow you off the edge, and I meant it. I’d jump into the sky with you. Wherever you go, you won’t have to go alone.”

That line alone just won me over.

While I don’t mind love-triangle, in this case, I was really worried about one. Despite the protagonist already having a fiancé, she was desperate to help an innocent boy---all signs were seems to indicate a triangle. Let me assure you, there is none. HA! The romance between Morgan and her beau Basil started so sweetly, slowly burning me in their love, I honestly didn’t want a third person to badger in their sweet moment. Morgan is betrothed to Basil since birth. Their relationship developed over years, from innocent friendship to love---exactly the type of romance I like. Basil was her constant supporter against every threat, and his trust on her never receded.

The world itself was fresh, descriptions were gorgeous. It delivered the right feel of a dystopian society with a very unique contemporary touch (I hope I’m not the one who is feeling it). The railroad surrounding the city, the tall apartments and parks, the clock tower, every feeling about Internment was rather realistic than fictional. The city has its own myth and religions, its own culture.

Perfect Ruin was one of best reads in 2013. Dystopian or not, for fans of poetic sense and lyrical prose, Perfect Ruin is highly recommended.

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  1. Floating city? cool! I haven't read any of laurens books yet, but this one seems really good. I love that you said its beautifully written!

    Thanks for the great review :)

    Michelle @ Book Briefs