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Deadly Thorns by Kathleen Peacock

Goodreads Summary : The second in the gripping crime trilogy with a hint of supernatural from Kathleen Peacock has the same great mix of page-turning action scenes and heady romance.
Kyle is still on the run, despite Mac's best efforts to track him down and bring him home. But when they finally find themselves back together, it's not in the best of circumstances. Trapped in a werewolf prison camp where inmates keep disappearing and not returning, Mac knows that something sinister is happening, but can they find out the truth? And with Jason still sure of his own feelings for Mac, will she start to doubt her own for Kyle?

My Rating : 4 of 5 stars

My Thoughts : Deadly Thorns was one of those second in series, with lots of potential but not as compelling as the first one, (you see, I rated Hemlock 5 stars).

After the climatic ending of Hemlock, Mac and Jason set off to search for their missing friend Kyle before it’s too late—before his plan to enroll in a rehabilitation camp tosses him into a greater peril. Their search leads them to a werewolf den in Colorado, where following some sporadic tracks, they find Kyle, but their reunion is cut short by a Tracker raid. Mac, Kyle and several others of the pack is thrown into the infamous rehabilitation camp Thornhill. Now trapped inside the electric fences, Mac must devices an escape plan and her hope lies with Jason, and a man from her past she presumed dead.

The characters from the first book remained pretty much same. I liked when heroine takes risks despite being aware of the consequences, and so I was touched by Mac desperation to leave behind all her comforts just to track down the boy she loves. Mac remains the same ordinary girl whom I could easily connect with, and was delighted by her incredible devotion towards the people she cares about and honesty in her personality.

“I loved Kyle. More than anything. Maybe enough to want what was best for him -- even if that best would end up hurting me.

Her best friend Amy—who played a major role in Hemlock even after death, and kept haunting Mac in her dreams—also mead her appearance, though only briefly.

Amy looked at me sadly, then glanced over her shoulder at the fountain. Something churned the leaves and gave off a sharp, metallic scent. With horror, I realized the liquid in the basin was blood. I scrambled to my feet, but Amy stayed sitting as though nothing were wrong.

She dipped her finger in the fountain and it came back coated red. "Things are about to get so interesting."

I know that it's a bit cliché to say what endeared me most about Hemlock was the romance; somehow I felt lack of passion in Deadly Thorns. Jason, the boy who thinks he loves Mac, accompanied Mac in her search. And Kyle, the boy who Mac is in love with and vice versa, showed very less emotion when they reunited. As the story progressed, I liked Kyle’s display of protectiveness—but not in the hide-behind-me-I’ll-protect-you way, but in a whatever-happens-I’m-with-you way. Not to mention, how much I loved Kyle in the first book, and when he left Mac, how brokenhearted I became. The author did a fabulous job in maintaining the same contradiction in characters between Kyle and Jason in Deadly Thorns . And Jason, well, he never made it easy for me to like him, but he developed in this book—and to a great extent. He improved from his flawed and broken-self, and made it to my book of likings. I loved how fiercely loyal he is to his friends.

The best think I loved about Hemlock was, albeit being totally predictable, it was full of suspense and nail biting premonitions as the story unraveled, where Deadly Thorns was basically adventurous rather than mystery with somewhat of a dystopian feel. The rehabilitation camp gave me the creeps of an anarchist system where werewolves are thrown at the mercy of the Trackers. They are being experimented, and tortured. I’m delighted that the author chose to show some depths in werewolf politics, but wished there was more.

Overall, I loved Deadly Thorns . It definitely was a great enjoyment and ends on somewhat of a cliff hanger. Now waiting for the final books sucks. Really sucks.

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  1. I think this is the first review I've seen of this book! I really like crime thrillers when they're done well, so I keep meaning to pick up the first book in this series. Sounds like the second book was awesome too, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  2. Thanks Wendy. =) . Technically Hemlock was one of those very few werewolf book i actually liked (other than Mayfair Moon and I haven't read Shiver), but yeah the first book stood out pretty well. It was predictable but didn't let go the thrill of it. I hope you go into the series soon, and enjoy it as much as I did.